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The Night Journey
August 13, 2007

Amidst the Dark,
Jibra’il came with the Buraaq,
To begin the journey of Miraj,
For Muhammad was to become Sahib-at-Taj.

This was the Journey of a man inspired by the Divine,
A man, who among other men would brightly shine,
This was the Journey through an endless night,
A night that froze in time when a traveler came in its sight.

The earth became speechless by witnessing this,
And watched motionless, humbled and still,
The Prophets had all gathered at Baytul-maq-dis,
Waiting for their leader with God’s will,

The best of creation appeared before them,
One who they took a covenant with in the past,
When they saw the most beloved of their Lord they said;
Peace and Blessings be upon You O First, O Last.

That was the Prophet’s salutation,
Then came the time for the blessed congregation,
Who would lead other than Rahmathal-lill-alameen?
Him in front, all others behind Khatham-mann-nabiyyen.

There after Imam-Al-Ambiya chose to depart,
For it was time to meet the Love of his heart,
He was taken up and beyond Samaa,
In Allah’s remembrance he was Fanaa

He went through each heaven,
One by one he passed all seven,
Thus he reached Sidratul Muntaha,
The furthest Lote tree near Jannatul Almawa.

Fakana Qaba Qawsayn,
‘Until he was but two bow-lengths away’,
‘Aw adna’ ‘Or even closer’
Was Imam Al Qiblatayn.

Ma zagha albasaru,
‘His eyes did not sway’,
‘Indeed He saw his Lord’,
Walaqad raahu.

The Lord said;
‘Peace be upon you O Messenger now it is you and I’,
He replied;
‘Peace be upon Your righteous servants for them I shall intercede and cry’.

Explanation of non-English terms used

Buraaqa winged creature which carried him from Makka to Masjid al Aqsa

Sahib-at-Taj – the one crowned on the night of Mi‘raj.

Baytul-maq-dis – another name for Masjid Al Aqsa

Rahmathal-lill-alameen – Mercy to the Worlds

Khatham-mann-nabiyyen – Seal of the Prophets

Imam-Al-Ambiya – Leader of the Prophets

Samaa – Sky

Fanaa – A state of annihilation

Sidratul Muntaha – The Furthest lote tree mentioned in the Quran

Jannatul Almawa – Garden of eternity

Fakana Qaba Qawsayn – Quranic ayah meaning ‘Until he was but two bow-lengths away’

Aw adna – Quranic ayah meaning ‘Or even closer’

Imam Al Qiblatayn The leader of the two qiblas,

Ma zagha albasaru Quran ayah meaning ‘His eyes did not sway’

Walaqad raahu – Quran ayah meaning ‘Indeed He saw his Lord’,