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The Favours of Allah
June 23, 2008

He blessed us with sight,

To which our eyes can see its delight.

He gave us the ability to hear,

To which our ears receive sounds so clear.

He gave us abundance of wealth,

Made us strong and gave us good health.

He filled our hearts with Imaan,

A sublime favour from Al-Subhaan.

He gave us the deen of Islam,

A way of life distinguishing Halal from Haram.

He sent us the majestic Quran,

The Kalam of Ar-Rahman.

He gifted us with Muhammad the best of the best,

A creation far greater than the rest.

These are some of the favours from Allah the Great,

So let’s turn to Him, thank Him & Contemplate.


There is a God – Take a glance
August 6, 2007


Imagine this world if it was too hot,

Like bubbling water in a boiling pot,

If it was overcome by such a intense heat,

Such that it would destroy plants, barley and wheat,

The North Pole would begin to disappear,

The whole kingdom would be struck with fear,

The sizzles of heat would spread in the sky,

Nothing would dare to fly,

Before we figure out how and why,

Mankind would surely blazingly die.


Imagine the world if the temperature was too low,

Like runny liquid that begins to move slow,

If it was struck with such a severe freeze,

Such that it would blow an unbearable breeze,

The oceans, rivers and lakes would become ice,

Everything in them would suffocate to death,

We would inhale snowballs with every breath,  

Before we try to solve and mend,

Mankind would surely face a shivering end.


These imaginations are endless,

These imaginations are only imaginations,

But these imaginations are possible.

This world has been made suitable for us,

This did not happen by chance,

All these wonders of nature are on our side,

This is not by chance,

The signs are there so take a glance,

There is a Controller,

There is a Creator,

There is a God!


Allah is there
August 4, 2007

You may trip and fall,

Yet Allah will still accept your call.


You may loose your way,

Yet Allah will still wait to hear what you have to say.


You may find it hard to cope,

Yet Allah will be there for you so never loose hope.


You may feel that you’re all alone,

Yet Allah is All-Knowing so your state is not unknown.


You may feel there is no one to hear your cry,

Yet Allah is All-Hearing so let this feeling pass by,


You may feel your love for Him is weak,

Yet Allah’s love for you will be there, so turn to Him and seek.


You may be trapped in a life of sin,

Yet Allah’s forgiveness is there for you to dwell in.