The Favours of Allah

He blessed us with sight,

To which our eyes can see its delight.

He gave us the ability to hear,

To which our ears receive sounds so clear.

He gave us abundance of wealth,

Made us strong and gave us good health.

He filled our hearts with Imaan,

A sublime favour from Al-Subhaan.

He gave us the deen of Islam,

A way of life distinguishing Halal from Haram.

He sent us the majestic Quran,

The Kalam of Ar-Rahman.

He gifted us with Muhammad the best of the best,

A creation far greater than the rest.

These are some of the favours from Allah the Great,

So let’s turn to Him, thank Him & Contemplate.


One Response

  1. Great Poem brother….! keep it up! may Almighty Allah gift you more knowledge.

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