It’s a Shame

My ears hear a storm of devastation,

My eyes see a volcano of destruction.


Music, singing and swearing,

Backbiting, lying and cursing,

Are what my ears hear,

Only if we realized the end is so near,

Surely then there would have been more fear,

O Allah from these evil traits help us stay clear.


Free mixers, clubbers and alcoholics,

Gangsters, fraudsters and drug addicts,

Are what my eyes see,

This is today’s so called Muslim society,

We have become people free of piety,

Neglecting the rights of our Lord, what an absurdity!


We have dressed ourselves with a fake outfit, what a shame!

Yes we are Muslims, but it seems like it’s only by name,

We have become obsessed with our own fame,

Pride, arrogance and jealousy are within us, how lame?


We say we will change,

Yet we stay the same,

This is our life, how strange it is;

That we treat it like some game!


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  1. so true!

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