Allah is there

You may trip and fall,

Yet Allah will still accept your call.


You may loose your way,

Yet Allah will still wait to hear what you have to say.


You may find it hard to cope,

Yet Allah will be there for you so never loose hope.


You may feel that you’re all alone,

Yet Allah is All-Knowing so your state is not unknown.


You may feel there is no one to hear your cry,

Yet Allah is All-Hearing so let this feeling pass by,


You may feel your love for Him is weak,

Yet Allah’s love for you will be there, so turn to Him and seek.


You may be trapped in a life of sin,

Yet Allah’s forgiveness is there for you to dwell in.


One Response

  1. mashallah wat a beautiful poem…
    only if i could write such great poemz..

    may allah giv u mre talent 2 continue this work of good
    keep it up n luk frwd 2 da updates…inshallah ppl shal heed frm da message u r giving

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