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I won’t lose hope O Beloved
July 30, 2007

Laying in the valley,

As I cry myself to sleep.

Thinking of you O Beloved,

With every heart beat.


Time seems to have stopped,

Due to my yearning for us to meet.

I wish I could be in your presence,

Bowing down to your feet.


O Master! Please help me fulfill my need,

On that day when I will come to you with my plead.

That day when all others shall reject me,

I will have no where to go so I will search for you.


Alas I will be with the exalted one,

The one I would give my life to see.

There will be one floating Boat,

On board will be those who you choose.

I am one who is drowned in sins.

Please don’t let me be among those who you refuse.


O Leader! Take me on board too,

Make my only dream come true.

If you let go of me I will fall,

The Fire would be my abode.

Lost, Alone and separated from the one I love most out of all,

Struggling to carry the load.


Yet I shall have hope in you as you will stand up tall.

I will hopingly wait for your intercession followed by the call.

Back and forward you shall go,

Pleading to your Lord whilst your tears flow.

Until all the believers are free,

Which might happen to include me.