Under the Veil

November 22, 2009 - One Response

I have a veil on my face,
Beneath which my evil ways I embrace,

They do not know what I hide,
How different it would be if they had a look inside.

I have a veil on my face,
Beneath which all my sins take place.

When they are there I do only right,
All the wrong I do away from their sight.

I have a veil on my face,
Beneath which the whole world I can chase.

Hypocrisy is beginning to flow into each and every vain,
Yet I do not turn away from my sins to stop this growing pain.

I have a veil on my face,
Beneath which is hidden all my disgrace.

I will soon die from this disease unless I use the cure.
The medication is affirming Allah is always watching me for sure,
Then finally will my veil become pure.

I have a veil on my face,
Beneath which lays my Lords grace.


The Favours of Allah

June 23, 2008 - One Response

He blessed us with sight,

To which our eyes can see its delight.

He gave us the ability to hear,

To which our ears receive sounds so clear.

He gave us abundance of wealth,

Made us strong and gave us good health.

He filled our hearts with Imaan,

A sublime favour from Al-Subhaan.

He gave us the deen of Islam,

A way of life distinguishing Halal from Haram.

He sent us the majestic Quran,

The Kalam of Ar-Rahman.

He gifted us with Muhammad the best of the best,

A creation far greater than the rest.

These are some of the favours from Allah the Great,

So let’s turn to Him, thank Him & Contemplate.

Kya Maheena hai Ramadan

August 31, 2007 - One Response

My first Urdu Poem……

Kya Ala maheena hai Ramadaan,
Jis mai Khuda nai shuru kiya Apna akhri Paighaam,

 Kya Shaan wala maheena hai Ramadan,
Jis mai Rab ki rahmath barasthi hai subhau Shaam,

 Kya Barkathau wala maheena hai Ramadan,
Jis mai virdh hautha hai Allah he ka naam,

 Kya Pyara maheena hai Ramdaan,
Jis mai fana hau jathai hai sab Ghulaam,

 Kya Ibadathau wala maheena hai Ramadaan,
Jis mai din raath para jaatha hai Rab ka Kalaam,

 Kya Sahaulthau wala maheena hai Ramadan,
Jis mai jal jathai hai shaythaan kai sab Kaam,

 Kya Meeta maheena hai Ramadan,
Jis mai khoob Aashiq parthai hai Darud aur Salaam,

 Kya Khoobsurath maheena hai Ramadaan,
Jis mai Aqa dua jahan kua mila Quraan,

 Kya Kamal ka maheena hai Ramadaan,
Jis kailiya hau ja’u mai Qurbaan,
Jis kailyia dhaidhu mai apni Jaan.

The Night Journey

August 13, 2007 - 3 Responses

Amidst the Dark,
Jibra’il came with the Buraaq,
To begin the journey of Miraj,
For Muhammad was to become Sahib-at-Taj.

This was the Journey of a man inspired by the Divine,
A man, who among other men would brightly shine,
This was the Journey through an endless night,
A night that froze in time when a traveler came in its sight.

The earth became speechless by witnessing this,
And watched motionless, humbled and still,
The Prophets had all gathered at Baytul-maq-dis,
Waiting for their leader with God’s will,

The best of creation appeared before them,
One who they took a covenant with in the past,
When they saw the most beloved of their Lord they said;
Peace and Blessings be upon You O First, O Last.

That was the Prophet’s salutation,
Then came the time for the blessed congregation,
Who would lead other than Rahmathal-lill-alameen?
Him in front, all others behind Khatham-mann-nabiyyen.

There after Imam-Al-Ambiya chose to depart,
For it was time to meet the Love of his heart,
He was taken up and beyond Samaa,
In Allah’s remembrance he was Fanaa

He went through each heaven,
One by one he passed all seven,
Thus he reached Sidratul Muntaha,
The furthest Lote tree near Jannatul Almawa.

Fakana Qaba Qawsayn,
‘Until he was but two bow-lengths away’,
‘Aw adna’ ‘Or even closer’
Was Imam Al Qiblatayn.

Ma zagha albasaru,
‘His eyes did not sway’,
‘Indeed He saw his Lord’,
Walaqad raahu.

The Lord said;
‘Peace be upon you O Messenger now it is you and I’,
He replied;
‘Peace be upon Your righteous servants for them I shall intercede and cry’.

Explanation of non-English terms used

Buraaqa winged creature which carried him from Makka to Masjid al Aqsa

Sahib-at-Taj – the one crowned on the night of Mi‘raj.

Baytul-maq-dis – another name for Masjid Al Aqsa

Rahmathal-lill-alameen – Mercy to the Worlds

Khatham-mann-nabiyyen – Seal of the Prophets

Imam-Al-Ambiya – Leader of the Prophets

Samaa – Sky

Fanaa – A state of annihilation

Sidratul Muntaha – The Furthest lote tree mentioned in the Quran

Jannatul Almawa – Garden of eternity

Fakana Qaba Qawsayn – Quranic ayah meaning ‘Until he was but two bow-lengths away’

Aw adna – Quranic ayah meaning ‘Or even closer’

Imam Al Qiblatayn The leader of the two qiblas,

Ma zagha albasaru Quran ayah meaning ‘His eyes did not sway’

Walaqad raahu – Quran ayah meaning ‘Indeed He saw his Lord’,

There is a God – Take a glance

August 6, 2007 - 3 Responses


Imagine this world if it was too hot,

Like bubbling water in a boiling pot,

If it was overcome by such a intense heat,

Such that it would destroy plants, barley and wheat,

The North Pole would begin to disappear,

The whole kingdom would be struck with fear,

The sizzles of heat would spread in the sky,

Nothing would dare to fly,

Before we figure out how and why,

Mankind would surely blazingly die.


Imagine the world if the temperature was too low,

Like runny liquid that begins to move slow,

If it was struck with such a severe freeze,

Such that it would blow an unbearable breeze,

The oceans, rivers and lakes would become ice,

Everything in them would suffocate to death,

We would inhale snowballs with every breath,  

Before we try to solve and mend,

Mankind would surely face a shivering end.


These imaginations are endless,

These imaginations are only imaginations,

But these imaginations are possible.

This world has been made suitable for us,

This did not happen by chance,

All these wonders of nature are on our side,

This is not by chance,

The signs are there so take a glance,

There is a Controller,

There is a Creator,

There is a God!


Only if they could tell us

August 4, 2007 - 3 Responses

Only if the moon could have spoke to us,

To tell us how it felt when it obeyed it’s beloved,

That moon that was given the command,

To split itself in two,

To show the rejecters that indeed it’s master is true,

Yes this was a miracle,

But the moon was only a servant of a greater miracle,

This was a sacrifice in the name of the miracles of miracles,

A sacrifice the world witnessed when it glared above,

This was a symbol of the Moon’s deepest love,

A love that sparkled the time it saw a supreme beauty,

A beauty that dissolved its laws of nature to fulfill its duty.


Only if the sun could have broke free from its silence,

To tell us about its experience when it obeyed its master,

That sun that was given the order,

To bring itself back,

To allow a sincere servant to get back on track,

Yes this was a miracle,

But the sun was only a servant of a greater miracle,

This was an offering in the name of the miracles of miracles,

An offering acknowledged by those who realized the sun was turning,

This was a sign of the Sun’s yearning,

A yearning that shone the moment it saw a superior light,

A light so powerful that it dazzled everything in its sight.

Allah is there

August 4, 2007 - One Response

You may trip and fall,

Yet Allah will still accept your call.


You may loose your way,

Yet Allah will still wait to hear what you have to say.


You may find it hard to cope,

Yet Allah will be there for you so never loose hope.


You may feel that you’re all alone,

Yet Allah is All-Knowing so your state is not unknown.


You may feel there is no one to hear your cry,

Yet Allah is All-Hearing so let this feeling pass by,


You may feel your love for Him is weak,

Yet Allah’s love for you will be there, so turn to Him and seek.


You may be trapped in a life of sin,

Yet Allah’s forgiveness is there for you to dwell in.

Let me See

August 4, 2007 - Leave a Response

My tears are telling a story,

There not just water,

I need to be with you,

Time is becoming shorter.


Without you there is darkness,

It is as if I am blind,

Let me see your light,

So the right path I can find.


Without you I am lost,

You are my only guide.

Let me see your treasure,

Everything else I have tried.


I have given you my heart,

I want to give you my life too.

O Beloved let me see you,

My love for you is true.

It’s a Shame

August 4, 2007 - One Response

My ears hear a storm of devastation,

My eyes see a volcano of destruction.


Music, singing and swearing,

Backbiting, lying and cursing,

Are what my ears hear,

Only if we realized the end is so near,

Surely then there would have been more fear,

O Allah from these evil traits help us stay clear.


Free mixers, clubbers and alcoholics,

Gangsters, fraudsters and drug addicts,

Are what my eyes see,

This is today’s so called Muslim society,

We have become people free of piety,

Neglecting the rights of our Lord, what an absurdity!


We have dressed ourselves with a fake outfit, what a shame!

Yes we are Muslims, but it seems like it’s only by name,

We have become obsessed with our own fame,

Pride, arrogance and jealousy are within us, how lame?


We say we will change,

Yet we stay the same,

This is our life, how strange it is;

That we treat it like some game!

A Friend or Enemy?

August 4, 2007 - Leave a Response

He wanted me to burn in hell,

He wanted me to be among those who fell,

He wished to lead me astray,

From my Lords mercy he tried to keep me away.

Was he my friend or enemy?


It was because of him I was deprived,

He had deceived so many,

He kept coming at me until I died,

I still didn’t realize amidst all the agony,

Was he my friend or enemy?


He whispered evil to me every day & every night,

He defeated me without me even putting up a fight,

I didn’t even try,

I thought I can just ignore him and let him pass by,

Was he my friend or enemy?


This is why I was drowned in sins,

All along he was sitting back and laughing at me,

Then death hit me, now I can see,

But it’s too late,

There’s no going back to change my fate.


His task had reached its end,

This was his plan all along,

He wasn’t my friend,

I understood it all wrong,

He was the Devil, my arch enemy!